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The J.M Orphanage for Boys started by Fr. Alban D.Silva functions as a well-knit unit rendering succour, shelter, protection, education and medical care etc. with an assured future till our children attain their adulthood. What started with six children has grown to more than forty children. They come from different parts of the Karnataka.  Most of the children are hailing from Rural and the most backward areas. The Centre is a ‘Home’ to children from many different backgrounds without caste, creed and religion. Some of the children who hail from Slums have AIDS affected parents or from destitute families. Some children are from remote areas where they lack infrastructure facilities proper schools and without government funding. This has lead destitute families being unable to send their children to school.

Most children arrive at the Centre with few possessions and in a bad condition. A few speak English. We often have to spend time combating malnutrition and ill health. After a few months, the children show more resilience and adopt life well, settling down to their studies. The home reaches out to orphans as well as at-risk children of struggling single parents, especially those parents in poor health and wealth.